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Posted by J on Wednesday, September 19, 2012.
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I was in so much pain yesterday, to be honest it was probably something I ate (or drank, Starbs!) but today I feel better. I'm tired and sore (like I did a bunch of crunches) it was so strange, even my hands hurt. I ended up taking 2 extra strength Tylenol (I try to avoid taking anything at all because it can aggravate my condition) that took the edge off a bit, usually it makes me fall asleep, I've become that sensitive to meds, and they did make me a little tired I think, it might have just been the day because all the ladies in the office were yawning. I was seriously talking to God while I was driving in to work because I was in so much pain. It was AWFUL and I don't want to do that again so needless to say I'm fully 100% back on SCD now. I'm baking coconut flour bread as I'm typing (yes it's almost 11PM) and making another batch of yogurt.

Stupid Crohn's but I know that this was a sign or a warning or something. I've been cheating with sugar (no gluten, never going to eat gluten again) since April. It started off with a Cadbury Creme Egg, I just couldn't resist. Now, I wasn't eating sugar right out of the jar or anything like that but I was eating ice cream (almost) every day, I was eating candy almost every day (like m&m's, sour patch kids etc) and I knew this was going to happen. I knew it. I told myself every day that I was playing with fire but I just kept doing it.

Sugar is a fickle mistress. We have a love/hate relationship.

I refuse.

Posted by J on Tuesday, September 18, 2012.
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Today it is raining, and usually when it's raining my guts feel like they are being twisted, or stabbed, or both. Right now it's both, and I would love to curl into a ball and sip peppermint tea until it goes away, but I refuse.

 I have stuff I have to do today. I went and picked up the rest of the things I need for my daughter's birthday party, I stopped at Sally's Beauty Supply to get my Aunt a Styrofoam wig head (don't ask). I also have to be at work in about an hour. I'm in pain, it starts in my gut but right now my entire body aches.

 I refuse to give in to this. I have to be stronger than this disease because people know that I have it (and I'm forthright about it) they expect me to be weak, I can take a lot. It's these days, these days that are rainy and painful that make me appreciate the days where there is no pain. I also know that this is temporary, the pain never lasts forever.

So today I will drink lots of water, because although I don't feel like doing that at all, I need to. I will eat good, healing food, and I will go to work and distract myself with things that I need to do. I will take elevators and sometimes I will have to breathe like I'm in labor when a pain hits me but I will get through it like I always have before.

I refuse to stay still, I refuse to curl into a ball and ignore the day.

Sorry Crohn's, I got this.

Baking Season

Posted by J on Sunday, September 9, 2012.
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My coconut flour banana bread! 
Today I baked, it was the first time in a while. I made gluten free banana bread (for my husband) and my own coconut flour banana bread.We don't like to share ;-)

I don't think that I've mentioned it here, because I'm trying to be careful of how much I share (or over share) in blog-land, but my Grandfather moved in with us. I know I wrote before about my Grandmother passing away back in May, she was 94. My Grandfather is 95.

My Grandparents were married for 74 years. My Grandfather, who is in very good health for his age, hasn't lived alone in well....74 years! It was hard for him living at home alone so we moved him in here, hey what's one more person ;-) It's been really great having him out here. My children are getting to know him and my mom is happy that she can be with him at this time in his life. 

The weather here is starting to cool down but the past week was very warm, in the 80's and pap was outside enjoying the weather. I'm so glad he's here and I'm glad baking season is coming back around. I love summer but I'm ready for the cooler fall. I hope we don't just jump to winter as we have in the past, PLEASE let us have fall!!