Tuna Burgers (SCD legal, nut free)

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Lunch here has to be quick, especially on the weekdays when I'm trying to navigate house work, a 2 year old, and trying to steal a few moments each day to write. Maybe that doesn't sound like much but I don't want to get into the whole "what to stay-at-home moms actually do all day" just trust me when I say, I'm very busy. So back to lunch, I have to eat, and I have to make something quick that is hearty enough to get me through until dinner.

Tuna Burgers (makes 2 patties)

1 can tuna in water  (be sure there are no additives like vegetable brother, which contains soy)
approx 2oz rosemary garlic bread, crumbled
1 egg
pepper to taste

Open and drain the tuna. Combine tuna, bread, egg, and pepper in a bowl. With a fork mash it all together and shape into a patty with your hands.

Heat a pan over medium heat and cook the patties for about 2 mins per side until well browned. Serve them topped with cheese, lettuce, onion, anything you can tolerate.

covered in cheese!

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