catching rainbows

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suncatcher in the window
My new sun catcher throws rainbows all over my bed in the afternoon.

holding the rainbows
The kids were thrilled to be able to "catch" the rainbows.


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Loved pattern. Rav link.


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I bought yarn to make xmas gifts (all my kids want blankets), renewed my flickr account, and bought a pattern (pdf from fibertrends, which I still don't have, what's up Fiber Trends!)

I hope my wrists can hold up, which is why I'm starting everything now. My friend is also pregnant and due Dec 7. I'd like to make her a blanket at least and I think I found a pattern for it (which I won't be posting because I don't know if she reads this). So yeah, going to be busy which also means that once again my personal knitting is going to be put on the back burner. Sorry East meets West bag! Hopefully I'll get a chance to work on it again after Halloween.

Here's how the crafting is shaping up so far:

baby blanket (knit, not for xmas - gotta start this first!)
squirrel stuffy (knit)
2 afghans (knit)
2 pomp-a-doodle scarfs (knit)
3 xmas stockings for a friend and her two kids (knit)
random crazy quilt (sewn)

still have no idea what to make my mom (maybe a bag or a scarf) and that's the extent of my xmas crafting. I don't like to make things for a lot of people. In many minds handmade = cheap. They'd rather have a 25 dollar gift card to a random store, and that's fine.

been busy

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sewing and sewing pillow after pillow. There are five in total, but I only took pictures of four.

pillow slip coverspillow slip coverspillow slip covers4th pillow (to go with the throw!)

My five year old isn't letting anyone use them but her. We'll see how long that last.


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My pro account over at Flickr expired and I keep forgetting to renew it. That's not true. I'm waiting until after the 27th so it's not on this credit card statement which had the truck's inspection/new tires on it. If I don't have the card paid off every month I get super twitchy even if it's only a couple of hundred dollars I can not stand to pay interest on anything.

Sorry Flickr, I still love you.


Half steeked but then I got sick and put it aside.
east meets west bageast meets west bag
I'm determined to finish it though. I bought the kit convinced I couldn't do it (and I'm trying to challenge my thinking). Rav link.

Kid's books

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My favorite book as a kid (we're talking about 10+) was The Farthest-Away Mountain by Lynne Reid Banks. I was so excited to find one on half that was the same printing that I had as a child. Of course I bought it and Amelia adores the story. It feels me up with warm fuzzies.

Sick baby

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We are all in various stages of a bad cold/flu it's been awful. Praying for my little ones to feel better soon, especailly the baby I'm concerned about her breathing.

once again: poor blogger!

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I've been writing, oh I've been writing.. there is much drama going on behind the scenes!

I realized tonight that I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing with my life. I fought for so long against my insecurities because I wanted to "be a writer" when really, I'm not very good at it. I don't know if my energy would be better spent elsewhere or what. It was humbling. I'm just not sure what else I'm actually motivated to do. It's scary.

Moving on:

I'm knitting again, which is nice although today I didn't do any of it. Today I took my kids outside and we played with all their riding toys. We took a walk around the yard and found sticks, bugs, and flowers. We played on the swings and then we all piled up on the hammock. It was hot. We had Popsicles. Then we all went inside for a break from the sun and to recoup before soccer practice.

Now earlier in the day I had a little bit of an accident. I was stepping over the baby gate on the bottom of the steps. I was wearing socks and I slipped while straddling it and bounced off the gate. If that gate was a saw it would have cut me in half. It's been very uncomfortable moving around, soccer practice was not so fun. Chasing a 19-month-old around for two hours took a huge toll on me. Thank God hubby was there to help but the amount I had to do was enough. After we got home and I crashed on my cushy chair my lower back started to hurt as well. I'm hoping I'm not too sore in the morning.