once again: poor blogger!

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I've been writing, oh I've been writing.. there is much drama going on behind the scenes!

I realized tonight that I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing with my life. I fought for so long against my insecurities because I wanted to "be a writer" when really, I'm not very good at it. I don't know if my energy would be better spent elsewhere or what. It was humbling. I'm just not sure what else I'm actually motivated to do. It's scary.

Moving on:

I'm knitting again, which is nice although today I didn't do any of it. Today I took my kids outside and we played with all their riding toys. We took a walk around the yard and found sticks, bugs, and flowers. We played on the swings and then we all piled up on the hammock. It was hot. We had Popsicles. Then we all went inside for a break from the sun and to recoup before soccer practice.

Now earlier in the day I had a little bit of an accident. I was stepping over the baby gate on the bottom of the steps. I was wearing socks and I slipped while straddling it and bounced off the gate. If that gate was a saw it would have cut me in half. It's been very uncomfortable moving around, soccer practice was not so fun. Chasing a 19-month-old around for two hours took a huge toll on me. Thank God hubby was there to help but the amount I had to do was enough. After we got home and I crashed on my cushy chair my lower back started to hurt as well. I'm hoping I'm not too sore in the morning.

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