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Posted by J on Wednesday, September 30, 2009.
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I finished this awhile ago (awhile means a couple of days)

Knit for my 4 year old daughter in knitpicks wool of the andes bulky in sky and bare.

Millie's stocking

I'm well on my way to finishing my 3rd one, for my littlest girl in WotA bulky in Blackberry and Bare. I'm starting to think the purple is way too dark but we'll see what it looks like after it's blocked.

Hannah's stocking progress

found things

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found things

My grandmother goes to auctions and estate sales very often. She is a self proclaimed "junk collector" (I'm like this too). She knows that I knit or crochet, she often mixes them up, but just the same, years ago she got me a box of yarn and notions from an estate sale. I admit I gave most of the yarn away, and the beautiful dark wooden crochet hooks, as well as the patterns, but in the bottom of the box were several bright pink doilies. I couldn't bare to throw these away, I know how much work and love goes into hand making anything and despite the fact that I never met the lady how had crochet them, I felt a connection to her. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them but I'm keeping them around, maybe some day they'll speak to me and tell me what they want to be.

found things


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So I had surgery on my shoulder (to remove a suspect mole, I refer to it as my "angry mole" but I guess that doesn't matter any more since he is now GONE from my person and good riddance!). Of course since the stitches are on my shoulder it's been bleeding since I got home. I can't not pick up my kids, I can't not use my right arm. It's frustrating and I've always been bad at following directions. I did not shower for 24 hours after the surgery though, and I didn't scrub it roughly. The doctor covered the stitches in serti-strips so it could be water proof, which was nice, but I think it made it more itchy, if that makes sense. Something about the stickiness of the steri-strips combined with the natural itchiness of the stitches, or it's just me and I find things itchy in general. Maybe I'm just thinking about it too much.

Anyway I'm going to try to knit tonight. I'm very close to finishing the chart on my oldest daughter's stocking (i really need to come up with some code-names for these kids cause this is getting confusing for me).

Amelia's Stocking

I placed an order with Knitpicks for the fab East meets West kit. It makes me nervous to even look at it but I really want to knit it. It will probably have to wait until after Christmas but oh, it looks like fun.

I also found a couple of things I'd like to knit for the kids for xmas so maybe if I get the stockings done in a timely fashion I can go ahead and start the other things. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I do love to give my kids something hand-made-by-mama every year. 90 days from today!

currently reading:

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The Elegance of the Hedgehog verdict so far: eh.

I'm only on page 135 so we'll see if it picks up. I'm just not into it.

has it really been this long?

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I'm a poor blogger. I know I've said that before.

We're all sick with some sort of flu variant. My youngest 1st birthday party was planned for this weekend but we may have to cancel. We're still going to have a small party but I'm in no fit state to entertain.

The stocking for my eldest has been done for a bit but I haven't started the next one.


I'm super awful at "repeat" patterns and I'm so afraid I won't finish them. I don't care if I have them done for this year I just want to have them done *sometime* ideally for next year when we're (finally) in our own home.

I don't think I've mentioned that yet, we are buying a house next year. I'm putting it out in the universe, that is the plan, and we are going to do it.

So there.

I finished another book, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I hated the beginning, got into it int he middle, and was let down the end. I'm glad I borrowed this instead of bought it (seems like a theme now).

I also read The Melissa Gilbert autobiography, Prairie Tale, which I loved. So it sort of evens out.