SCD Legal Banana Peach Shake

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Sometimes, I just want some ice cream, specifically, a milk shake. I have an ice cream maker somewhere (it's still packed up from the last time we moved...three years ago) but I can fake a shake with my blender and yummy SCD legal ingredients. This shake is full of things that are good for you and won't make you feel all bloated and gross after you drink it (or maybe that's just how I felt after drinking a traditional milk shake).

SCD Legal Banana Peach Shake

1/2 cup SCD legal yogurt, or regular plain yogurt if you're not doing SCD
1/2 cup coconut milk (or another milk you tolerate)
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen peaches
3 teaspoons of honey (add more if you like it sweeter)

In a blender combine yogurt, banana, peaches, coconut milk and honey in that order. If your blender has an "ice crush" button I recommend using that. Some blenders just can't handle frozen fruit, if that is the case try to use a food processor. Blend until free of lumps and enjoy. This makes approx 16oz of cool yummy goodness (yield will depend on the size of the fruit, if you think it's too thick, add some more liquid, too thin, add some more fruit).

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