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I've been avoiding this, I like to present myself as put together, as confident and ready to tackle what the world was going to serve up. In truth, I'm feeling a little lost.

I've been looking for a (full time) job since March, I still have not found one, but I am working part time and I love the work I'm doing. I'm writing and creating documentation, I get to be creative, I'm writing, which is what I wanted to do, and I'm getting paid to do it. Sometimes the information that I have to deal with is a little dry but I made the decision to (try) to bring passion to everything I'm doing. If I think it's boring that will come through in my writing, so I strive to get myself interested in it and then the words flow more readily.

Every day I look for more job to apply for, and once a week I sit here and apply to them. I write a different cover letter for each one, I tweak my resume almost daily. I'm showing up, I'm doing the work, and I am still hopeful.

Of course, I have my moments. I joke that I'm completely unemployable. I say to my husband, "it's a good thing you've got a couple of job because your wife is unemployable" then I make a sad dog face. I still pray daily, and I have this deep feeling of peace. I feel like it's resting right at the bottom of my belly that everything is going to be okay and I'll find something to do with my life.

Back to my first paragraph, I'm feeling a little lost. I feel like I'm waiting for something to happen to me, and I hate waiting. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be doing something so I'm waiting for a sign, or a phone call, or something to tell me what direction to go. I'm longing for something more and I'm searching for it every where, quietly.

and I'll say it's a good tired...

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So I'm tired, that's sort of normal, ha! I'm not a morning person, and I like naps but it a good sort of tired. I'm not sure how to explain it, it is what it is, to use a cliche.

Right now my littlest daughter is sitting on my right hip. It's sort of uncomfortable, in sort of the way that I'm tired, it's a good uncomfortable; holding her weight on my hip, I know where she is and she wants to be near me. I know this will change soon and no matter how uncomfortable it might be to have her perched on me while I also have a computer on my lap trying to steal a few moments to myself, I'll take it.

This weekend was so busy, my brother came up so we took all four kids (my three and my brother's) to a pumpkin patch to pick our own pumpkins. We've never done this before, and I hope it's going to become a tradition becuse I really enjoyed it. We never did things like that when we were kids and I was very hesitant to do it with my kids (I don't like crowds, and my father never allowed us to wait in any sort of line, we would just go home if anything requried a wait), so this weekend we dealt with both. My husband and my sister-in-law both came from families that did a lot of these things, so it was good to have their support.

Hubs, Eldest, and Middle Girlie checking out some pumpkins

Anyway, the kids had a good time stalking around the pumpkin patch looking for their pumpkins and we ended up with a huge 31 pounder, a 15lb pumpkin, and one that wasn't quite ripe (although I think the green pumpkin looks really cool, it's something we've never had before). In years past we'd just buy pumpkins from Wal-Mart, and took whatever they had.

Today my Middle Girlie had a birthday party to go to, and we did some running around in town after we dropped her off. We then came home and all the kids played outside, it was over 70 degrees here which is crazy for mid October in our area. So all the kids (and the dogs) were playing outside when my little nephew (who will be 1 next week) whapped Middle Girlie in the face with a magnifying glass. I'm pretty sure she's going to have a black eye come morning and I know she understands that her cousin didn't mean to hit her but she was still pretty shook up. Poor kid! She was fine a little while later but now when she's moving her hair she ends up touching her sore spot and it stings. My poor girlie!

Anyway, I've been tired, I mentioned that, because we've been so busy. I'm still adjusting to working and taking care of the kids/house/dog. We leave at 7:30 AM and we don't get home until 6PM. I'm not a morning person (I mentioned that too) so I get up around 6:30 to shower and get ready for the day. The kids get up at 7, and it's pretty rushed to get lunches packed and whatnot and out the door. I don't get much done in the morning. I know I should get up earlier but it takes a lot to convince myself to do so. Needless to say I spend most of my weekends catching up on laundry (I did 9 loads in the past two days, and there is still some that needs done). When I get home at night I end up eating dinner, helping with homework, bathing kids, and then I just veg on the couch until about 10:30 when I send myself to bed. I'm adjusting, it's hard, and I love it. I absolutely love working and being out of the house. I'm tired, but, as I said before, it's good tired.

Grandma's Birthday

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We took flowers to the grave. All the flowers they sell for "memorial" just weren't right so I took it upon myself to make them. I'm very proud of the bow, I think Grandma would have also appreciated that I was completely covered in glitter when I was done.

Flowers for my Grandma's Grave

Dear Universe

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I could really use that full time job now :-) I'm ready, for real.

More tomorrow. I have much to say.


...that was yesterday

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I was in so much pain yesterday, to be honest it was probably something I ate (or drank, Starbs!) but today I feel better. I'm tired and sore (like I did a bunch of crunches) it was so strange, even my hands hurt. I ended up taking 2 extra strength Tylenol (I try to avoid taking anything at all because it can aggravate my condition) that took the edge off a bit, usually it makes me fall asleep, I've become that sensitive to meds, and they did make me a little tired I think, it might have just been the day because all the ladies in the office were yawning. I was seriously talking to God while I was driving in to work because I was in so much pain. It was AWFUL and I don't want to do that again so needless to say I'm fully 100% back on SCD now. I'm baking coconut flour bread as I'm typing (yes it's almost 11PM) and making another batch of yogurt.

Stupid Crohn's but I know that this was a sign or a warning or something. I've been cheating with sugar (no gluten, never going to eat gluten again) since April. It started off with a Cadbury Creme Egg, I just couldn't resist. Now, I wasn't eating sugar right out of the jar or anything like that but I was eating ice cream (almost) every day, I was eating candy almost every day (like m&m's, sour patch kids etc) and I knew this was going to happen. I knew it. I told myself every day that I was playing with fire but I just kept doing it.

Sugar is a fickle mistress. We have a love/hate relationship.

I refuse.

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Today it is raining, and usually when it's raining my guts feel like they are being twisted, or stabbed, or both. Right now it's both, and I would love to curl into a ball and sip peppermint tea until it goes away, but I refuse.

 I have stuff I have to do today. I went and picked up the rest of the things I need for my daughter's birthday party, I stopped at Sally's Beauty Supply to get my Aunt a Styrofoam wig head (don't ask). I also have to be at work in about an hour. I'm in pain, it starts in my gut but right now my entire body aches.

 I refuse to give in to this. I have to be stronger than this disease because people know that I have it (and I'm forthright about it) they expect me to be weak, I can take a lot. It's these days, these days that are rainy and painful that make me appreciate the days where there is no pain. I also know that this is temporary, the pain never lasts forever.

So today I will drink lots of water, because although I don't feel like doing that at all, I need to. I will eat good, healing food, and I will go to work and distract myself with things that I need to do. I will take elevators and sometimes I will have to breathe like I'm in labor when a pain hits me but I will get through it like I always have before.

I refuse to stay still, I refuse to curl into a ball and ignore the day.

Sorry Crohn's, I got this.

Baking Season

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My coconut flour banana bread! 
Today I baked, it was the first time in a while. I made gluten free banana bread (for my husband) and my own coconut flour banana bread.We don't like to share ;-)

I don't think that I've mentioned it here, because I'm trying to be careful of how much I share (or over share) in blog-land, but my Grandfather moved in with us. I know I wrote before about my Grandmother passing away back in May, she was 94. My Grandfather is 95.

My Grandparents were married for 74 years. My Grandfather, who is in very good health for his age, hasn't lived alone in well....74 years! It was hard for him living at home alone so we moved him in here, hey what's one more person ;-) It's been really great having him out here. My children are getting to know him and my mom is happy that she can be with him at this time in his life. 

The weather here is starting to cool down but the past week was very warm, in the 80's and pap was outside enjoying the weather. I'm so glad he's here and I'm glad baking season is coming back around. I love summer but I'm ready for the cooler fall. I hope we don't just jump to winter as we have in the past, PLEASE let us have fall!!

Guessing for Gifts!

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I'm fairly certain of what my kids are going to want for xmas and now I have no idea if I should buy them now (some are on sale!) or just wait and maybe find myself having to perform a Christmas miracle on ebay. 

I hate not having a game plan.

So here's what I think are going to be super hard to find come Christmas time:

McKenna, the American Girl doll of the year for 2012. You probably know that I'm a doll person (and if you didn't, you know now) and do my research on these LE (limited edition dolls). She has been selling super well and is expected to sell out before December.

Baby Butterscotch the Pony. She, apparently is super sensitive to touch, nuzzles, and gives "pony kisses". My Middle Girlie is obsessed with horses and Butterscotch is already on her list.

Another Furreal "friend", Bouncy the Happy to see me Pup. I personally feel that this dog's head is too big and sort of scary. My youngest daughter is IN LOVE with this dog. I'm not even sure what it does but it's a puppy, and she will love it forever. 

I'm also going to add Skylanders in general to the list, these are still pretty hard to find! My son is still looking for two (Camo, pictured above, and Wham Shell are the ones being most talked about here, but I'm sure there are others we are missing).  The new Skylander's Giants is coming out at some point this year too, I'm sure they'll plan it for this fall right before the major Christmas shopping season begins.

I'm taking a guess at this one, but I think they might be pretty hard to find soon. These Novi Stars are 8" dolls with large heads (hey they are supposed to be aliens!) that each have their own unique attribute. The one shown above has clear water filled legs with glitter. I have to admit I already have this particular doll stashed away for my Middle Girlie but I found that the glitter is clumping at the bottom of her leg and isn't actually moving freely as is show in the picture. I've also read some reviews that the dolls arms tend to fall off, which is very off putting. I'm keeping my receipt handy just in case I change my mind and want to make a return. 

I sort of don't know what day it is...

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I did not work today and now I keep thinking it's Saturday! It's Wednesday.


Okay it is. I took my Middle Girlie to get her ears periced today, she sat through it. I was so proud of her. I was afraid that she'd have the first one done and then freak out and refuse to get the second one punched but she did it, then I bought her a ton of earrings (that she can't wear for 4-6 weeks...).

So did you read that up there? That I did not work today? I got a job. Well I actually had a job perviously (working at a hotel) but I quit that one pretty quick when this other one came up. I don't generally do that but this was an oppertunity I had to jump on and so I did.

I'm currently working in an office (I get to wear dress clothes!) and I write I write then I edit what I wrote, then I print it out, and edit it again, email it over to the next office, and then edit more, and write again.

It's freaking fantastic. It's only a temporary job but I love it and I have decided to be present enough to enjoy ever minute of it. I'm totally nerding out over all the things I get to do! Power Point Presentations!


Tomorrow I go in again and I'm super excited to go despite the fact that my brother, SIL, and squishy baby nephew will be here visiting while I'm off at work; but I will see them when I get home and then we will have a hot dog roast, I will feed the baby jello, and watch the dogs wrestle.

Tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day!

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I had just finished painting one of the down stairs bedroom and I took an early shower. I usually do it right before bed or first thing in the morning. I was washing my hair when I started thinking about my husband and our "plans" so many things we thought we wanted. I know how "temporary" becomes permanent. I know how things tend to fall apart and then other things end up falling together. Despite all our planning, or attempts to plan, other things just crop up. Someone breaks a hand (hubeast) or a kid needs glasses (Eldest, and Middle Girlie), life just gets in the way of all of our planning but it's still fun, sometimes, to think about what we would like to be doing in the future knowing full well that these plans are little more than dreams that apear a little fuzzy around the edges in our minds. Like looking through a veil of fog.

I'm 30 now. We are not where we thought we would be now, not in any sense of the word but things are good. We (our family) is all together. We got a puppy. We are learning to deal with things as they happen and not plan ahead too much. It's hard because naturally I am a planner, maybe it's because I am the oldest child, or maybe I'm just a control freak (true on both counts) but I'm trying to let go and just enjoy the time and the moments that I have that are calm and sweet. As I've gotten older I've said that I just want a quiet, boring life, and for the most part that is true. The things that I thought were important when I was younger just aren't. We're here, we're alive, we're breathing.

My Grandmother died in May just before Mother's day. She never drove a car, heck she never even wore pants in her entire life. She always wore stockings when she went out of the house and beads. She always had a rain hat in her "pocket book" (purse) she carried tissues and would kneed them in her hands until they clung to themselves becoming pulp. She was 94 years old. She was a housewife, a mother, a grandmother, a great grandmother many times over. She died at home.

I never asked her if she was happy, we didn't talk about those things. What I did know about her was that she loved children, she knew all of our names despite the fact there was many (many) of us grandchildren. She knew all my kids' names. She always smiled and laughed, sometimes at nothing, like joy was bubbling out of her. Once, when I was a senior in high school she asked my parents to take her to Niagara Falls in Canada so she could see it. We never understood why, a woman who was afraid of water her entire life, wanted to see Niagara Falls but we went. The first night we were there she tripped and fell over a parking block in the lot of the hotel. She looked like she was beat with a bat, her eye blackened immediately but she refused to go home and we spent a week up there eating pizza in our hotel room at night and watching weddings in the park beside the falls during the day. It was one of the best vacations we ever took and I think it was the furthest from home she ever was. I have pictures of her holding each of my children when they were babies. It was important to me to have them.

She's only been gone for two months but it seems like forever and also seems like it just happened. I just wonder, you know, if she was happy or did she just not think about it. She was raised to take care of others, she dropped out of school in eighth grade because her mom got sick and she needed to stay home to take care of her younger siblings. She said she cried when she was told she couldn't go back to school but in the end she did what she needed to do. I just hope I can be that strong when it comes down to it, when it comes down to doing what I want or doing what's best for my family. It seems like now everyone is so obsessed with being fulfilled in their lives and living dreams I just wonder how she felt about all of this and I'm upset with myself that I never thought to ask her and now I'll never get that chance and I regret that. vice

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I collect dolls. I sort of keep it myself (mostly) except for my collection of Russian nesting dolls in the living room no one really knows, unless they go into my bed room. There you would be greeted by no less than half a dozen American Girl dolls, plush animals, and any other sort of doll or dollesque thing that I happened to like at one time or another.

I'm an equal oppertunity doll hoarder.

They aren't just laying around, they are on stands and neatly placed on shelves, so don't go calling any sort of TV shows on me just yet.

So today I picked up a new doll for my collection (and of course my daughters want to know if we can share it *cough*)

Yes, she has a huge head and cotton candy in her hair and I love her! This is a La Dee Da doll,  I first spotted them while stalking the toy fair back in January. Today I came across all the available ones at Target (which is amazing because I swear our Target is the last one to get anything new). We (my daughter's and I) have plans to get the entire collection of this line and march them happily up and down the living room bookshelves, we are sure that their dad won't mind at all. Hey, the house is already covered in glitter he's already pretty much sunk.

So cute!

Baby Knits and Things...

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This past weekend was my cousins' baby shower. This is her second baby and first girl so of course my Aunt went all out with the girlie cute stuff. Everything turned out wonderfully and I think the guest of honor had a good time.

I knitted a little something something for her. She is planning on doing the baby's room in brown and pink so I took those two colors and ran with them

This is from Susan Anderson's book Itty Bitty Knits. It's actually not so itty-bitty but oh well. My favorite part is the pom pom mane, so cute! I might make another one for a Christmas gift for one of my nephews (in one year we went from having no nieces and nephews to having 4, which makes me super excited).

*squee* babies.

I also made her a diaper cake, now I've made several diaper cakes in the past couple of years but this was my favorite out of all of them I've made.

 The little ballet shoes are real leather. They were on clearance so I had to snatch them up. Shoes are so impracticable for babies, but these were so cute I had to. There are 4 bibs, 6 hair things, 5 onesies, the little shoes, baby wash, lotion, and powder in the cake. The cake itself is 62 rolled up size 1 diapers tied with curling ribbon. So fun to make!

cowering in the corner

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I have a confession: I am a coward.

I deleted my blog for two months, actually it was stored in blog limbo but it was not accessible because I was afraid that people (potential employers) would google me, find out I have Crohn's, and then not interview/hire me.

I know that it's illegal, but I was still afraid it would happen.

I'm still looking for a job. I have lots of conditions (it has to be during the hours of 8 - 5 so I can drop off my kids/pick them up in time for school, has to be in the same town they are going to school in (we're doing a charter school this year, no busses) , and I'm old. I've also been told that a lot of places that I'm applying to will not look at my application because I have a bachelors degree. Ugh. I thought it was a good thing to be "educated" but apparently that translates to "wants more money then we want to pay" it's been frustrating.

I've missed blogging and decided I needed to heed my own advice and "be brave" once again.

I'm back. I've missed you!



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I've been thinking about how and what to write for a while now but everything seems forced. I can't get into the flow of it and I'm tripping over my words.

In the past couple of weeks a lot of things happened.

First the positive news, I've started looking for a job, yes a job that will require me to leave the house and put my littlest in daycare. My mom wants to watch her, so nothing will really change for her since we all live together. I'm really excited about working! I've been applying and I'm hoping to hear something soon, if my potential employers are googling me: HI! Please hire me! I'll do a fantastic job!

Now the hard part: My Grandmother passed away the morning of May 12. Yes the day before mother's day. It was awful, the viewing, the funeral, so so sad. She was 94 years old. She had a good long life, and we should all be so lucky, but it still hurt. I had never lost a grandparent before. I think it was that much worse because I know that it's starting, the people I love are going to die. I knew that, logically, but now that it's actually here in front of me it makes it hard to breathe. It hurts. It makes me want to write a bunch of long run-on sentences. I'm just not sure what to do or how to express it properly.

I feel small and vulnerable, human, I guess. 

I'm that mom

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Last night we went and bought a van. My car (that we were able to trade in for a cool 800 bucks) was 13 years old, falling apart in chunks, and the kids were completely outgrowing it. It was a good choice and I think we got a very good deal. Hubby is saying this is my combined mother's day/anniversary gift. He'll probably find a way to also make it my birthday gift as well ;-) which is fine, I love the van! It drives great, granted, I've only had it for a day but the first impression counts right?

Also: I accidentally made the most delicious iced coffee the other day using coconut milk, instant decaf, water, ice, and honey. I'm going to try recreate it today while taking notes. My fingers are crossed, we'll see what happens!

Birthday Unicorn

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Hand knit gift for my Middle Girlie on her 7th birthday. I knit this over four days! It was intense and these unicorns are pretty huge! I'm glad it got done and I think it turned out really cute. <3

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I'm feeling awful today, actually the past two days. I woke up nauseous, which hasn't happened to me in nearly two years, since my last flare.

You know where this is going right?

So now I'm getting upset that I'm going into a flare, we have plans to travel this weekend, I feel like crap. I'm nauseous, my stomach hurts, my head hurts, and I just want to sleep all day.

Confession: I've been cheating on my diet since Easter. Yes, since Easter. What have I been eating? Candy. Jelly beans and chocolate. I knew it was wrong while I was doing it. I only had "a couple pieces a day" and that's how I justified it. I would have been fine had I just had a couple of pieces on ONE day but every day for two weeks, well here we are now. Yesterday was the first day that I did not have an ounce of sugar and right now I'm probably going through withdrawals honestly, which accounts for the headache, and the stomach issues are probably due to a die off that is/going to occur. I'm a mess and I'm so pissed at myself!

I knew what I was doing was going to end up hurting me but I just kept doing it like an addict! I got cocky because I had felt good for so long!

I wrote that big long post about how I didn't want to jeopardize my health with candy, which is why I filled by basket with non-edible goodies, well that was true, but I just went ahead and dug through my kids baskets! This makes me a hypocrite, and if there's one thing I can not stand it's a hypocrite.

So I have a choice here, I can beat myself up about it (which I've been doing for the last two weeks, honestly) or I can stop and get back on track.  Hopefully I have not screwed myself up to the point where I need to start SCD completely over, I would like to still be able to enjoy a salad but if I can't right now, I know I'll get back to that point again.


candy buttons

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My middle girlie is turning 7 on Sunday. Saturday is her party and these candy buttons are for her birthday cake. I have a vision of what I want it to look like in my head. I hope it turns out the way I want it to, if not, no one will know anyway. I've found that's one of the best ways to do things. The buttons are vanilla flavored and even my littlest one (who is our picky eater) loves them. We're also making button lollipops all to go with our Lalaloopsy theme.  Speaking of my littlest girlie she hasn't been sleeping well lately. Right now as I'm typing this up she is sitting beside me curled into my hip at nearly 4 AM. She is wide awake and I guess I should be making her sit in the dark and try to get her to sleep but I'm letting her watch TV. I suppose she'll fall asleep when she's tired, soon I will turn something boring on and maybe that will get her to close those big blue eyes, but for right now, Little Bear is a soothing, quiet cartoon so I'm perfectly okay with her watching it. Tomorrow (or I suppose later on today...) there will be more lollipop making and crafting to prepare for the party. I'm also taking middle girlie to get her nails done and then we'll go shopping for the food we need for the party. I can't believe she's going to be 7.

My Easter Basket

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Easter is this weekend! What?

Every year when I was little, my family would gather at my Great Grandma's house. We'd have a huge Easter Egg hunt, we'd fly kites, and we'd eat pie. I don't remember having any actual food there (I'm sure there was) I just remember the pie, so many kinds of pie.

So for the past couple years we've invited my cousin and her three kids over to have an egg hunt with my three. I filled over 200 eggs (bought the candy after Valentine's day and stashed it, hey I'm cheap). The yard was littered with brightly colored eggs, they looked like candy scattered in the grass. I love that. It reminds of me Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. It was so.cold. and wet and muddy but no one cared and we had a great time. I hope we can keep doing it year after year.

Even though we are adults now, my mom still always gives my brother and I (and my dad) Easter Baskets. The past couple years has been difficult for me when it comes to candy-sentric holidays I can't actually eat that stuff (sugar) so last year I made my own baset filled with body wash and yarn, it was last minute and I just used things I found around the house. It was cute and I was glad I had something to sit on the table with the other baskets, I hate feeling left out but I'm not willing to risk my health for some chocolate.

This year I started early! This is what I have for my basket so far:

Lemon Vanilla body wash and lotion from Bath and Body Works

OPI New York City Ballet Collection Minis 
Lemon Honey Sticks (picked these up at Wegmans) 

I might pick up a few more things, I'll post a pic when it's all packed up though!


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Almost 11 years ago my 5-year-old cousin (really second cousin, but we all just call ourselves cousins) passed away due to complications from Leukemia. He was diagnosed at age 3. Whenever he was allowed to have some time out of the hospital his parents and himself would come visit with us because we lived close. It was the first time I was ever really around a "sick" person. I never thought he would pass away, it just didn't occur to me that this little innocent child would have to suffer through all that pain and time in the hospital to not come out the other side. He never even got to go to school, drive a car, kiss a girl, it's so unfair that children get sick.  it's still raw and it's something that I don't think I'm ever going to get over. After he died was when my entire world shifted, my brother stopped believing in God, I started being afraid of everything and gave birth to a little boy who I was planning to give up for adoption on the day that my cousin was buried (my cousin passed away Dec 9, he was buried Dec 13, and my son was born that day).

One of the little girl's in my daughter's 1st grade class is going through treatment for leukemia, her name is Emily. This is her second relapse and she's moved on to experimental treatments to try to get her back into remission so she can get a bone marrow transplant. I don't think I need to tell you guys how much her story reminds me of my cousins'.

They (the mom and her husband) are living in Philadelphia right now and staying at the Ronald McDonald house, that is 4 hours from here and their homes, their jobs. I asked her if it would be okay if I tried to raise some money for them and since I'm able to run fundraisers through Scentsy I sent one up for them and posted the link on facebook, I'm going to post it here tooFundraiser for Emily 

A link to news report with Tom, Emily's dad talking about her treatment

don't hate

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My scentsy warmer sitting pretty in the kitchen
I'm now selling Scentsy. Honestly, I've wanted to sign up for years but just hesitated and a couple of weeks ago I just decided to go for it! I love the products so I figured why not give selling it a try. I hope no one is getting upset with me by my posting Scentsy info on Facebook, I do it only once a day but honestly people write so much odd stuff on there I'm sure no one is really noticing/paying attention.

Of course my first customer was my mom :-) I did a basket party for her and dropped off a basket at my Grandma's house where everyone seems to gather one the weekends. They had Grandma sniffing everything as well and she really enjoyed it too.

So if anyone would like to place an order, have a party, or would just like more info on the product feel free to contact me. I also have website where you can order!

I mean look how cute this stuff is!

Now it's Thursday and that means it's Taco Night so I need to go get that ready since the boys (hubby and son) will be home from basketball practice shortly!

Gluten Free SCD Legal Coconut Flour Waffles!

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Straight up coconut flour waffles, no fancy stuff, no extras, just waffles.

Yum.  I've been craving these for years.

1/4 cup plain yogurt
2 eggs
1tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp baking soda
2 tbs coconut flour
2 tsp oil
2 tsp honey

Plug in your waffle maker to preheat and gather up the ingredients. Add everything to a bowl in order, just dump it all in. Mix using a whisk until everything is combined. 

Once your waffle iron is ready scoop out some of the batter into the middle of the waffle iron and sort of spread it to the ends. This batter is runny so it will be very easy to over flow your waffle maker! I usually use about 3 tablespoons of batter per waffle but this is vary by the size of your waffle iron. Close the lid and let the waffle maker do it's thing.

Spread the batter around the waffle iron

Remove with a fork, be careful not to burn yourself that sort of ruins the day if you do that first thing int he morning.

For toppings I added a few slices of -real- butter (SCD legal) and honey which I heated in the microwave on high for 30 seconds.



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So the past couple of days I've been obsessed with waffles. Seriously. The best compliment came from my father, of all people, he walked out into the kitchen and I was chowing down and he said, "wait...are those gluten?"

Zing! Of course they weren't but I was super happy that I was asked.

I also keep forgetting that I can eat butter. I haven't had it in so long since I thought I was lactose intolerant since 2005 (I am not by the way) but since I had been avoiding it I just continued to do so. Just these past couple of months I started eating it again and I really enjoyed dipping my shrimp in a mix of garlic on butter on New Years Eve!

Recipe for the waffles coming shortly (as soon as I'm done typing it up and uploading the photos) really excited about this one because it's just plain straight up waffles no cinnamon, no extras, just super yummy (gluten-looking) waffles!

Gak is back? - a random musing.

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I saw a commercial on TV a couple of times in the last couple of days that seemed to suggest that it is.

I had one container of this, and I remember it feeling neat but it also smelled bad, sorta like glue and food coloring which is probably all that it is. I can see buying some of this for my Eldest since he's become a super hard to shop for tween. I wonder if it still smells like that? Hmm.

of cabbages and kings

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I spent most of the day huddled up inside avoiding the cold rain and cuddling with my 3 year old who just asked me, "Mommy is tomorrow going to be spring? I really miss my bike."

Be still my heart.

We've decided to look into a charter school for the older kids and I'm a little conflicted about it. I really like the kids that my kids go to school with, I like that fact that the school(s) are 10 and 15 minutes away from the house, we've also had good experiences with most of the teachers in our district, however the curriculum leaves a lot to be desired for my academically gifted Eldest child and it's not their fault at all. The state has been cutting funding for the schools for years now and, quite frankly, there is not a demand for gifted education in the district if there are only a few kids that really need it. My son has already skipped a grade and is accelerated up to the next grade in math but other than that there is not much more that the district can offer him and this charter school that we're looking in to seems to be able to provided all of that and smaller class sizes, also, it's free.

I don't really like to talk about my gifted kid because people like to roll their eyes and make comments to the effect that I'm bragging about him but in reality raising a gifted child is a struggle, just like raising any other child who is different from the norm only people don't really care to talk about the gifted kids. At least your kid is smart they say, at least they can get through school, and yes that's true and I'm grateful but it's also a challenge but the support is lacking and it's hard to do this on your own with no real guidance (save for the internet my husband and I would feel completely alone).

So that's what we've been up to for now and of course, knitting, which never stops in this house.


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It's been snowing here for three days so we've been inside and I've been doing the normal mom things, you know, laundry, cooking, feeding the troops, baking. My God the laundry, so.much.laundry. I don't want to think about how bad it is going to be when the kids are teenagers.

Doing all these tasks has given me the opportunity to let my mind wander and I've been thinking about my future and the future of our family. We're done having kids and our littlest will miss the cut off for Kindergarten by a couple of week so she'll be home with me for two more years. Hubby and I have been talking about my going back to school at that time but I"m not sure what I really want to do. I think I want to go back just to make it look like I'm making an effort because I'm honestly afraid that I will never be able to find a job with my current skill set, other than baby sitter I mean.

I have an English degree, which I really did enjoy getting, but it was probably just a big waste of money. I really don't want to take out any more loans to get a degree I'm not going to use soI need to make sure I go do something that will be worth the cost of actually getting the degree.

The whole thing is frustrating and confusing and I just simply do not know what I want to do. I'm not looking for advice or anything just venting and letting it go. Maybe I'll figure it out by the time I need to do something about it. I think the main issue I'm having right now that I have no idea what we are doing or where we are going to be in two years of course I realize no one really knows what is going to happen in their lives but at least most people, or some people, have a plan. My husband's carrier is really up in the air right now and some times I don't know if he knows what he wants to do when he grows up either and that sort of throws a wrench in things, especially when you are a one income family.

I'm not really what the point is of this post just something I felt like I had to let go of. Love to you all that might be reading this.

SCD Legal Vanilla Milkshake

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The other night I was making my family some milkshakes and feeling sorry for myself that I can no longer have ice cream. I'm a pretty good shake maker thanks to my Grandmother who ran a resturant for quite a few years and let me experiement behind the counter.

It bothered me for a couple of days and this morning I attempt to make a passable shake and I think I did it.

1/2 cup SCD legal yogurt
1 frozen banana
1 tsp organic vanilla
1tsp honey

Blend everything together and enjoy.

I can't taste the banana in this but if I have something "banana" flavored I want to really taste the banana and use several so in this it just serves to make the shake creamy and seems to work. Let me know what you think if you try it.

a few things

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I'm posting this from my phone and it's quite awkward for me. I just haven't felt like I've had anything useful to say lately maybe it's my depression or just the crappy weather but I haven't been myself. I apologize for that. I do enjoy having this blog reading comments ( when people actually comment lol ) and connecting with others. I don't know what's up with me lately but I'm going try to make an effort to blog more regularly, knit more, and let the dvr do it's job and go to sleep at a decent hour. Lately I've just been going to bed with the kids, so tired! I've also been waking up with the night sweats which is a fun Crohn's symptom of mine. I go see my GI on the 31st so we'll see what she has to say about my symptoms. Of course I'm nervous, but that is normal for me when it comes to doctors I guess it comes from years of knowing something was wrong with me but not knowing how to explain and doctors who didn't really care to find out. I love my GI so it's not an issue anymore but it's still my initial gut reaction. Some habits are hard to break.

It 2012 already? when? what?

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My kids went back to school on Tuesday and since then it's been a blur of dental, car maintenance, and eye doctor appointments and tomorrow is Friday already. This year has been flying by so far and I still haven't put Christmas away.

We bought the girls bunkbeds so we're putting those together and rearranging their room this weekend and then I'll worry about getting all the decorations packed up. My shelves are bare, because I've piled everything into the dining room (which we never use) and I sort of like that there is nothing there. It would certainly make dusting easier but it also looks like no one actually lives here. Bothers me a bit maybe I'll get use to it. 


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Happy New Year!