I sort of don't know what day it is...

Posted by J on Wednesday, August 15, 2012.

I did not work today and now I keep thinking it's Saturday! It's Wednesday.


Okay it is. I took my Middle Girlie to get her ears periced today, she sat through it. I was so proud of her. I was afraid that she'd have the first one done and then freak out and refuse to get the second one punched but she did it, then I bought her a ton of earrings (that she can't wear for 4-6 weeks...).

So did you read that up there? That I did not work today? I got a job. Well I actually had a job perviously (working at a hotel) but I quit that one pretty quick when this other one came up. I don't generally do that but this was an oppertunity I had to jump on and so I did.

I'm currently working in an office (I get to wear dress clothes!) and I write all.day.long. I write then I edit what I wrote, then I print it out, and edit it again, email it over to the next office, and then edit more, and write again.

It's freaking fantastic. It's only a temporary job but I love it and I have decided to be present enough to enjoy ever minute of it. I'm totally nerding out over all the things I get to do! Power Point Presentations!


Tomorrow I go in again and I'm super excited to go despite the fact that my brother, SIL, and squishy baby nephew will be here visiting while I'm off at work; but I will see them when I get home and then we will have a hot dog roast, I will feed the baby jello, and watch the dogs wrestle.

Tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day!

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