Baby Knits and Things...

Posted by J on Thursday, August 2, 2012.

This past weekend was my cousins' baby shower. This is her second baby and first girl so of course my Aunt went all out with the girlie cute stuff. Everything turned out wonderfully and I think the guest of honor had a good time.

I knitted a little something something for her. She is planning on doing the baby's room in brown and pink so I took those two colors and ran with them

This is from Susan Anderson's book Itty Bitty Knits. It's actually not so itty-bitty but oh well. My favorite part is the pom pom mane, so cute! I might make another one for a Christmas gift for one of my nephews (in one year we went from having no nieces and nephews to having 4, which makes me super excited).

*squee* babies.

I also made her a diaper cake, now I've made several diaper cakes in the past couple of years but this was my favorite out of all of them I've made.

 The little ballet shoes are real leather. They were on clearance so I had to snatch them up. Shoes are so impracticable for babies, but these were so cute I had to. There are 4 bibs, 6 hair things, 5 onesies, the little shoes, baby wash, lotion, and powder in the cake. The cake itself is 62 rolled up size 1 diapers tied with curling ribbon. So fun to make!

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