Posted by J on Thursday, August 2, 2012.

I collect dolls. I sort of keep it myself (mostly) except for my collection of Russian nesting dolls in the living room no one really knows, unless they go into my bed room. There you would be greeted by no less than half a dozen American Girl dolls, plush animals, and any other sort of doll or dollesque thing that I happened to like at one time or another.

I'm an equal oppertunity doll hoarder.

They aren't just laying around, they are on stands and neatly placed on shelves, so don't go calling any sort of TV shows on me just yet.

So today I picked up a new doll for my collection (and of course my daughters want to know if we can share it *cough*)

Yes, she has a huge head and cotton candy in her hair and I love her! This is a La Dee Da doll,  I first spotted them while stalking the toy fair back in January. Today I came across all the available ones at Target (which is amazing because I swear our Target is the last one to get anything new). We (my daughter's and I) have plans to get the entire collection of this line and march them happily up and down the living room bookshelves, we are sure that their dad won't mind at all. Hey, the house is already covered in glitter he's already pretty much sunk.

So cute!

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  1. Chris

    Your doll really looks gorgeous. Her hair is lovely! I’m pretty sure that when my daughter sees it, she’ll be asking me to buy one for her. Haha! Though I think she will prefer a doll with blue or blonde hair. ;)

    Chris Jeffery

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