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I can't find my pom pom maker, which means I can't finish the project I was working on for the craftster swap. I have *nothing* actually done for this swap and I was so excited to be done with one thing, hopefully it would inspire me to get the rest done but now I'm just completely stalled. Ugh.

I need to move on I have a ton of stuff in varying stages of completion but nothing is actually finish. It's frustrating.

I also have no idea what I want for xmas, and hubs wants to start shopping.


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I pulled 12 ticks off the cat today.

Yes 12.

I really wish I were exaggerating.

I'm so grossed out and I keep feeling bugs crawling all over me. I think if I ever get to sleep tonight I'm going to dream of giant engorged ticks. They are so shiny when they are full of blood, like black pearls against the cats gray fur. I can never wear black pearls again. Ugh. Ticks.

I haven't been able to sleep lately, has not been good. Praying, praying and believing.

maybe i have something to say

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I'm tired of just being quiet. My father always told us to be polite and keep our mouths shut and I just

It all started when I came across this article on Ohdeedoh (which I clearly should not be reading, I'm not any where near their target audience) in which a father of one three year old is giving organization and storage tips for children's rooms. Ouch.

Now for a long time I've kept my fool mouth shut about things cause I never felt I really knew what I was talking about but I can safely say that I'm a little more qualified than this guy to talk about organization and storage for a kid's room.

Anyway he goes on to say (at I'm paraphrasing, this is what I got out of the article) that you shouldn't really make a big deal about your children's artwork and collections and that they are really only concerned with what is in front of them at the time. Now clearly, he's not talking about my kids even my one year old (who the whole "out of sight out of mind thing" is supposed to work on) is very perspective and if she wants something she's gonna get it now it doesn't matter if you tried to hide it behind your back. My middle girlie, who is four, is a pack rat, a collector and observer of life. She has things sprinkled all over the house but dang if she doesn't know where every one of her treasure are at any given time. My oldest, well, he's not a good example since he's basically a 14-year-old in a 7-year-old body.

So I guess the point is that this article rubbed me the wrong way, frankly, it made me angry, which is dumb. I know that I could just, ya know, stop reading it, pretending I've never seen it and move on but someone has got to say something or this shit will keep getting published, and people believe this stuff.

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After the fourth day in a row of ALL three of my kids getting out the pots and giant steel bowls sitting them on the floor of the kitchen and spinning in them (yes even the 7-year-old) I went ahead and cashed in my Oompa points and bought three of these.

I've been reading about them for a couple of months now but never thought I could justify the cost, after all there are plenty of pots and giant bowls to spin in but the baby is making me nervous trying to pick everything up and I keep having visions of her dropping heavy pots on her toes so I caved.

I also did a little tiny of bit of xmas shopping in the past couple of days and finally figured out what I'm getting my dad (yay!) so now the only shopping that is left are hub's family and I'm not doing that this year (we'll see how that works out). I put it entirely in his hands and gave him a budget. Now, I have to be honest and say that I did already get gifts for his Mom, his Grandma, and his Step-Mother. All that's left is his dad, sisters, and their husbands he should be able to take care of them with little to no trouble (meaning gift cards).

this is on the list too

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east meets west bag progress

I'm going to actually finish this bag. I'm so afraid of it. It's the East Meets West Kit from Knit Picks.

dust, cob webs, and 101

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As I was dusting this morning with my pledge anywhere spray (I love it, I think it smells good) I was thinking that maybe I shouldn’t. I think maybe if I didn’t dust for the entire month of October it would give my Halloween decor an air of authenticity, you know all the dust and cob webs in the haunted house. I really like how the shelves turned out this year Middle Girlie decided she was afraid of everything Halloween related this year so she helped me go through all the boxes and sort the decorations all the “scary stuff” will be set up outside all the okay stuff stayed in here. I also am proud to report that I only bought two new decorations and they were both under twenty bucks (go me).

new decoration #1my other new decoration
Not that we’ll be decorating much outside anyway since there is currently two inches of snow on the ground and still coming *ahem*
Still snowing - oct 2009

I was also thinking about my 101 list, it’s hard to come up with 101 things at one time at the rate I’m going I’ll have my list done by the time I’m supposed to be completing it. I’m just going to have to get started on the 25ish things I have on it and add to it as I go along. Is that cheating? Is that even okay? I’m also afraid that I’ll end up in The Guinness book of World Records for longest-hair-ever due to the fact that it looks like I’m never going to buy a house or get my kids to Disney World especially not in the next three or so years. Believe it or not I’m laughing about this, because it just seems so impossible and far away which is not the right attitude to have at all. I did decide on the piece of furniture I’m going to refinish (this is already on the list) I’ll post more about that later. I should probably also go ahead and post my list since I keep talking about it doing that will make the commitment real.

I also had a passing thought that I could order a Kaya doll and pass her off as a decoration for harvest time. I don’t know if hubs will buy that…


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I got my pathology report, I am cancer free!

I'm feeling so positive right now so much stuff has been going on in and around my life I've felt streched thin and worn out. I'm so happy that I'm okay, at least in this aspect of my life (ha ha).

So in honor of this I've started a new 101 list and I've included one major thing, I'm not cutting my hair until I complete every task on the list. It will be a physical reminder to me to do what I need to do. Granted my 101 list isn't going to be a giant list of crazy-huge things, just small milestones (like knitting xmas stockings for my little family of five, and buying a house). I feel good.

I will post my list when I'm comfortable with it's length (right now I only have 25 things on it!) and of course a photo of the hair.

Going to go watch Project Runway and make some hot tea (it's been snowing here since 10AM with no end in site).



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I haven't been posting here, more over on my private LJ some things I just can not put into words. I will say this though: things have been hard.

I'm praying and I know God will lead me through this.

I have to quote Marla's post from today God answers every prayer one of three ways–yes, no, or wait.

Thank you, Marla, for that.

We got a phone call last night that there's been a reported case of Swine Flu at Oldest's school. I thought we had already had the flu, actually, Middle Girlie is still coughing and Littlest is coughing as well, I was sick as well a few weeks ago as well. Now -of course- I'm freaking out about us getting sick again. I'm praying that God will let me know if I should get the kids swine-flu shots or not. They got the regular flu vaccine already but I'm really uncomfortable about the swine flu vacc at this point. I feel like it was push out too fast and hasn't been tested in the long-term (obviously). My kids aren't "high risk" but they are still kids especially Middle Girlie and Littlest (age 4 and 1 respectively). I'm praying about it.

I'm getting my stitches out today in about an hour and I suppose I should go get ready.