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I got my pathology report, I am cancer free!

I'm feeling so positive right now so much stuff has been going on in and around my life I've felt streched thin and worn out. I'm so happy that I'm okay, at least in this aspect of my life (ha ha).

So in honor of this I've started a new 101 list and I've included one major thing, I'm not cutting my hair until I complete every task on the list. It will be a physical reminder to me to do what I need to do. Granted my 101 list isn't going to be a giant list of crazy-huge things, just small milestones (like knitting xmas stockings for my little family of five, and buying a house). I feel good.

I will post my list when I'm comfortable with it's length (right now I only have 25 things on it!) and of course a photo of the hair.

Going to go watch Project Runway and make some hot tea (it's been snowing here since 10AM with no end in site).


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