maybe i have something to say

Posted by J on Tuesday, October 20, 2009.

I'm tired of just being quiet. My father always told us to be polite and keep our mouths shut and I just

It all started when I came across this article on Ohdeedoh (which I clearly should not be reading, I'm not any where near their target audience) in which a father of one three year old is giving organization and storage tips for children's rooms. Ouch.

Now for a long time I've kept my fool mouth shut about things cause I never felt I really knew what I was talking about but I can safely say that I'm a little more qualified than this guy to talk about organization and storage for a kid's room.

Anyway he goes on to say (at I'm paraphrasing, this is what I got out of the article) that you shouldn't really make a big deal about your children's artwork and collections and that they are really only concerned with what is in front of them at the time. Now clearly, he's not talking about my kids even my one year old (who the whole "out of sight out of mind thing" is supposed to work on) is very perspective and if she wants something she's gonna get it now it doesn't matter if you tried to hide it behind your back. My middle girlie, who is four, is a pack rat, a collector and observer of life. She has things sprinkled all over the house but dang if she doesn't know where every one of her treasure are at any given time. My oldest, well, he's not a good example since he's basically a 14-year-old in a 7-year-old body.

So I guess the point is that this article rubbed me the wrong way, frankly, it made me angry, which is dumb. I know that I could just, ya know, stop reading it, pretending I've never seen it and move on but someone has got to say something or this shit will keep getting published, and people believe this stuff.

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