A bear with a face

Posted by J on Saturday, July 31, 2010.
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with a face, originally uploaded by bridgetroll.

Knitted with felici sport weight, size 3 needles. For my 5 year old for xmas. Rav link.

Bottoms Up Mini Minions

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Bottoms up mini minions [ Rav Link ]

mini minions


  • WW yarn in black, blue, and yellow.
  • Size 5 needles
  • Poly fill stuffing
  • Shank button for the eye
  • Black sharpie
  • Spare needle or waste yarn

Starting with the feet:

CO 6 stitches in black, work an i-cord for two rows
Change to blue continue in i-cord for three rows
Cut yarn and move 6 live stitches to a spare needle or waste yarn
CO 6 stitches in black work an i-cord for two rows
Change to blue and continue in i-cord for three rows
Slip the 6 stitches that are the waste yarn/spare needle back onto your working needle, you will now have 12 stitches.
Now this part is worked flat cause 1) I like to sew things up (yes I am a freak) and 2) I find it easier to attach the eye and make the mouth this way.
Continue in SS with blue yarn for 6 rows
Change to yellow yarn and continue in SS for 5 rows
Switch to black yarn and work one row in the black, leaving a long tail at each end of the row. We’ll use this to make the mouth and hair later on.
Switch back to yellow and work two rows SS
Decreasing for the head:
P2tog p1 six times (6 stitches)
Knit next row
P2tog across all stitches (3 stitches remain)
Cut yarn and thread through remaining live stitches and pull tightly.

Now we’re going to make the face…
Sew your shank button onto the middle of the face on the row you knitted black. I use the yarn at one of the ends of the black row to do this that way everything is really attached.
mini minions
After your button is attached embroider the mouth.

After the mouth thread the remaining bit of black yarn up though the head.
mini minions
Stuff your minion and sew up the back seam using the coordinating colors and weave in the ends except for the black bits at the top of the head (that's the hair).

Trim the black threads at the top of the head to the length that you like.
mini minions
mini minions
Separate all the piles of the yarn but rubbing it the opposite way it is spun between your thumb and index finger. Fluff.

Now that you’ve got your little guy he’s going to need some arms.
With yellow pick up three stitches on one side of the body. Work in i-cord for 10 rows. Switch to black and continue in i-cord for 2 rows. Thread yarn through remaining stitches and pull tightly.
Repeat for other arm.

mini minions

Now to make the eye, simply make a circle in the middle of your button with the sharpie.

mini minions

And you’re done!

mini minions

It's my birthday.

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my gluten free b-day cake
I usually complain about having to bake my own cake but this year I am grateful to be here and upright at all. I made a jelly roll cake, it was gluten free so there were extra steps. I had to separate half a dozen eggs and whip the whites into a frenzy and then the yolks separately. Add almond and vanilla extract. I licked the spatula when I was done loading it into the jelly roll pan. It was delicious. I hope it tastes as good as actual cake (it did).

I spent Monday morning - Wednesday afternoon in the hospital. I missed my kids so much that I cried, then I looked at their photos on facebook (after hubby brought me my ipod) and that made me cry more. I was a mess. The stay was obviously not planned, and there is more to come regarding this and I don't know if I'm ready for it but I know that I'll be okay.

So today I baked my birthday cake, painted my finger nails pink, my toe nails blue, and put on makeup. Hello 28, let's play nice okay?

pink nails and blue toeshello 28

how much of human life is lost waiting.

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Milk Sick

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I am feel absolutely horrible today. A couple of days ago I had milk-laden bread and screwed myself all up once again. I was feeling really good for a couple of weeks there. Ugh, I'm so mad at myself. I just simply can not have milk, I obviously have not tolerance for it. If something says "may contain milk" I'm just going to assume that it does and leave it at that.

The day after the milk incident of '10 my wrists starting hurting nearly has bad as they did when I first got diagnosed with carpal tunnel. I have to wonder if my intolerance has anything to do with it? Today they do feel better after having slept in my braces for two days. (okay after a quick Google it appears that it probably does). I did get diagnosed with lactose intolerance and CT within months of one another so it does make sense. I guess I need to research a good lactose free B complex vitamin as well, cause apparently that is supposed to help.

My stomach is still just rolling. I'm eating coconut milk yogurt (which is gross) just for the live active cultures. It's expensive for yogurt (1.99) but I'm wary of too much soy and I need to readjust my digestive system. This really needs to be the last holiday that I miss out on due to my digestive issues, it really is ridiculous.