It's my birthday.

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my gluten free b-day cake
I usually complain about having to bake my own cake but this year I am grateful to be here and upright at all. I made a jelly roll cake, it was gluten free so there were extra steps. I had to separate half a dozen eggs and whip the whites into a frenzy and then the yolks separately. Add almond and vanilla extract. I licked the spatula when I was done loading it into the jelly roll pan. It was delicious. I hope it tastes as good as actual cake (it did).

I spent Monday morning - Wednesday afternoon in the hospital. I missed my kids so much that I cried, then I looked at their photos on facebook (after hubby brought me my ipod) and that made me cry more. I was a mess. The stay was obviously not planned, and there is more to come regarding this and I don't know if I'm ready for it but I know that I'll be okay.

So today I baked my birthday cake, painted my finger nails pink, my toe nails blue, and put on makeup. Hello 28, let's play nice okay?

pink nails and blue toeshello 28

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  1. Jan

    happy belated birthday and the cake looks yummy!

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