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After the fourth day in a row of ALL three of my kids getting out the pots and giant steel bowls sitting them on the floor of the kitchen and spinning in them (yes even the 7-year-old) I went ahead and cashed in my Oompa points and bought three of these.

I've been reading about them for a couple of months now but never thought I could justify the cost, after all there are plenty of pots and giant bowls to spin in but the baby is making me nervous trying to pick everything up and I keep having visions of her dropping heavy pots on her toes so I caved.

I also did a little tiny of bit of xmas shopping in the past couple of days and finally figured out what I'm getting my dad (yay!) so now the only shopping that is left are hub's family and I'm not doing that this year (we'll see how that works out). I put it entirely in his hands and gave him a budget. Now, I have to be honest and say that I did already get gifts for his Mom, his Grandma, and his Step-Mother. All that's left is his dad, sisters, and their husbands he should be able to take care of them with little to no trouble (meaning gift cards).

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