Guessing for Gifts!

Posted by J on Saturday, August 18, 2012.

I'm fairly certain of what my kids are going to want for xmas and now I have no idea if I should buy them now (some are on sale!) or just wait and maybe find myself having to perform a Christmas miracle on ebay. 

I hate not having a game plan.

So here's what I think are going to be super hard to find come Christmas time:

McKenna, the American Girl doll of the year for 2012. You probably know that I'm a doll person (and if you didn't, you know now) and do my research on these LE (limited edition dolls). She has been selling super well and is expected to sell out before December.

Baby Butterscotch the Pony. She, apparently is super sensitive to touch, nuzzles, and gives "pony kisses". My Middle Girlie is obsessed with horses and Butterscotch is already on her list.

Another Furreal "friend", Bouncy the Happy to see me Pup. I personally feel that this dog's head is too big and sort of scary. My youngest daughter is IN LOVE with this dog. I'm not even sure what it does but it's a puppy, and she will love it forever. 

I'm also going to add Skylanders in general to the list, these are still pretty hard to find! My son is still looking for two (Camo, pictured above, and Wham Shell are the ones being most talked about here, but I'm sure there are others we are missing).  The new Skylander's Giants is coming out at some point this year too, I'm sure they'll plan it for this fall right before the major Christmas shopping season begins.

I'm taking a guess at this one, but I think they might be pretty hard to find soon. These Novi Stars are 8" dolls with large heads (hey they are supposed to be aliens!) that each have their own unique attribute. The one shown above has clear water filled legs with glitter. I have to admit I already have this particular doll stashed away for my Middle Girlie but I found that the glitter is clumping at the bottom of her leg and isn't actually moving freely as is show in the picture. I've also read some reviews that the dolls arms tend to fall off, which is very off putting. I'm keeping my receipt handy just in case I change my mind and want to make a return. 

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