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My scentsy warmer sitting pretty in the kitchen
I'm now selling Scentsy. Honestly, I've wanted to sign up for years but just hesitated and a couple of weeks ago I just decided to go for it! I love the products so I figured why not give selling it a try. I hope no one is getting upset with me by my posting Scentsy info on Facebook, I do it only once a day but honestly people write so much odd stuff on there I'm sure no one is really noticing/paying attention.

Of course my first customer was my mom :-) I did a basket party for her and dropped off a basket at my Grandma's house where everyone seems to gather one the weekends. They had Grandma sniffing everything as well and she really enjoyed it too.

So if anyone would like to place an order, have a party, or would just like more info on the product feel free to contact me. I also have website where you can order!

I mean look how cute this stuff is!

Now it's Thursday and that means it's Taco Night so I need to go get that ready since the boys (hubby and son) will be home from basketball practice shortly!

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