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So the past couple of days I've been obsessed with waffles. Seriously. The best compliment came from my father, of all people, he walked out into the kitchen and I was chowing down and he said, "wait...are those gluten?"

Zing! Of course they weren't but I was super happy that I was asked.

I also keep forgetting that I can eat butter. I haven't had it in so long since I thought I was lactose intolerant since 2005 (I am not by the way) but since I had been avoiding it I just continued to do so. Just these past couple of months I started eating it again and I really enjoyed dipping my shrimp in a mix of garlic on butter on New Years Eve!

Recipe for the waffles coming shortly (as soon as I'm done typing it up and uploading the photos) really excited about this one because it's just plain straight up waffles no cinnamon, no extras, just super yummy (gluten-looking) waffles!

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