I'm that mom

Posted by J on Thursday, May 10, 2012.

Last night we went and bought a van. My car (that we were able to trade in for a cool 800 bucks) was 13 years old, falling apart in chunks, and the kids were completely outgrowing it. It was a good choice and I think we got a very good deal. Hubby is saying this is my combined mother's day/anniversary gift. He'll probably find a way to also make it my birthday gift as well ;-) which is fine, I love the van! It drives great, granted, I've only had it for a day but the first impression counts right?

Also: I accidentally made the most delicious iced coffee the other day using coconut milk, instant decaf, water, ice, and honey. I'm going to try recreate it today while taking notes. My fingers are crossed, we'll see what happens!

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