Posted by J on Sunday, February 12, 2012.

It's been snowing here for three days so we've been inside and I've been doing the normal mom things, you know, laundry, cooking, feeding the troops, baking. My God the laundry, so.much.laundry. I don't want to think about how bad it is going to be when the kids are teenagers.

Doing all these tasks has given me the opportunity to let my mind wander and I've been thinking about my future and the future of our family. We're done having kids and our littlest will miss the cut off for Kindergarten by a couple of week so she'll be home with me for two more years. Hubby and I have been talking about my going back to school at that time but I"m not sure what I really want to do. I think I want to go back just to make it look like I'm making an effort because I'm honestly afraid that I will never be able to find a job with my current skill set, other than baby sitter I mean.

I have an English degree, which I really did enjoy getting, but it was probably just a big waste of money. I really don't want to take out any more loans to get a degree I'm not going to use soI need to make sure I go do something that will be worth the cost of actually getting the degree.

The whole thing is frustrating and confusing and I just simply do not know what I want to do. I'm not looking for advice or anything just venting and letting it go. Maybe I'll figure it out by the time I need to do something about it. I think the main issue I'm having right now that I have no idea what we are doing or where we are going to be in two years of course I realize no one really knows what is going to happen in their lives but at least most people, or some people, have a plan. My husband's carrier is really up in the air right now and some times I don't know if he knows what he wants to do when he grows up either and that sort of throws a wrench in things, especially when you are a one income family.

I'm not really what the point is of this post just something I felt like I had to let go of. Love to you all that might be reading this.

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