of cabbages and kings

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I spent most of the day huddled up inside avoiding the cold rain and cuddling with my 3 year old who just asked me, "Mommy is tomorrow going to be spring? I really miss my bike."

Be still my heart.

We've decided to look into a charter school for the older kids and I'm a little conflicted about it. I really like the kids that my kids go to school with, I like that fact that the school(s) are 10 and 15 minutes away from the house, we've also had good experiences with most of the teachers in our district, however the curriculum leaves a lot to be desired for my academically gifted Eldest child and it's not their fault at all. The state has been cutting funding for the schools for years now and, quite frankly, there is not a demand for gifted education in the district if there are only a few kids that really need it. My son has already skipped a grade and is accelerated up to the next grade in math but other than that there is not much more that the district can offer him and this charter school that we're looking in to seems to be able to provided all of that and smaller class sizes, also, it's free.

I don't really like to talk about my gifted kid because people like to roll their eyes and make comments to the effect that I'm bragging about him but in reality raising a gifted child is a struggle, just like raising any other child who is different from the norm only people don't really care to talk about the gifted kids. At least your kid is smart they say, at least they can get through school, and yes that's true and I'm grateful but it's also a challenge but the support is lacking and it's hard to do this on your own with no real guidance (save for the internet my husband and I would feel completely alone).

So that's what we've been up to for now and of course, knitting, which never stops in this house.

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