My Easter Basket

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Easter is this weekend! What?

Every year when I was little, my family would gather at my Great Grandma's house. We'd have a huge Easter Egg hunt, we'd fly kites, and we'd eat pie. I don't remember having any actual food there (I'm sure there was) I just remember the pie, so many kinds of pie.

So for the past couple years we've invited my cousin and her three kids over to have an egg hunt with my three. I filled over 200 eggs (bought the candy after Valentine's day and stashed it, hey I'm cheap). The yard was littered with brightly colored eggs, they looked like candy scattered in the grass. I love that. It reminds of me Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. It was so.cold. and wet and muddy but no one cared and we had a great time. I hope we can keep doing it year after year.

Even though we are adults now, my mom still always gives my brother and I (and my dad) Easter Baskets. The past couple years has been difficult for me when it comes to candy-sentric holidays I can't actually eat that stuff (sugar) so last year I made my own baset filled with body wash and yarn, it was last minute and I just used things I found around the house. It was cute and I was glad I had something to sit on the table with the other baskets, I hate feeling left out but I'm not willing to risk my health for some chocolate.

This year I started early! This is what I have for my basket so far:

Lemon Vanilla body wash and lotion from Bath and Body Works

OPI New York City Ballet Collection Minis 
Lemon Honey Sticks (picked these up at Wegmans) 

I might pick up a few more things, I'll post a pic when it's all packed up though!

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