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I bought yarn to make xmas gifts (all my kids want blankets), renewed my flickr account, and bought a pattern (pdf from fibertrends, which I still don't have, what's up Fiber Trends!)

I hope my wrists can hold up, which is why I'm starting everything now. My friend is also pregnant and due Dec 7. I'd like to make her a blanket at least and I think I found a pattern for it (which I won't be posting because I don't know if she reads this). So yeah, going to be busy which also means that once again my personal knitting is going to be put on the back burner. Sorry East meets West bag! Hopefully I'll get a chance to work on it again after Halloween.

Here's how the crafting is shaping up so far:

baby blanket (knit, not for xmas - gotta start this first!)
squirrel stuffy (knit)
2 afghans (knit)
2 pomp-a-doodle scarfs (knit)
3 xmas stockings for a friend and her two kids (knit)
random crazy quilt (sewn)

still have no idea what to make my mom (maybe a bag or a scarf) and that's the extent of my xmas crafting. I don't like to make things for a lot of people. In many minds handmade = cheap. They'd rather have a 25 dollar gift card to a random store, and that's fine.

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