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I placed an order with A Toy Garden yesterday, in the afternoon. I want to say shortly before dinner time (6 o'clock at our house) and I got an email notification today that it had been shipped.

Holy wow that was quick!

I've been visiting this site since last October and just got around to ordering some goodies now. Most of it will be put away until some-other-day (of course I say that now but I have a really hard time hiding things from my kids, especially when I'm super excited about them!) but the rainbow silk is for my 6-month-old's Easter basket.

*squee* this will be my first, official, play silk. Yes my family is a play-silk virgin and I am super excited to see this and the rest of the goodies coming out way. I just hope I can hide them from the kids for a while.

More when the stuff shows!

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