How to make a Fairy Jar

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Fairy Jar

I made these fairy jars for my daughter's 4th birthday party as centerpieces. I made five which was a good idea because a couple of people wanted to take them home and I was able to keep one for myself and one of my little girl for a decoration in her room, on a high shelf because these are glass. I was toying with the idea of making one with a plastic container as well for her but we'll see how this one holds up in her room.


How to make a fairy jar.

* a clear jar with a lid
* a photo that will fit into the jar
* small wood block
* fuzzy yarn
* ribbons
* fabric flower
* flat back marble
* scrap book paper
* sparkles and spangles
* glitter
* glue
* scissors

Here we go! Cut out your picture, embellish with glitter and glue your little fairy to the small wood block. I took a picture of my daughter dressed up as a fairy so I didn't have to fashion her wings.

little fairy embellished with glitter and guled to a block

Next I take my clean jar (using a spaghetti sauce jar here) and glue the wooden block to the bottom of the jar. I usually just drop it in then use the tips of my scissors to push it down and make sure it's nice and stuck.

little fairy glued down

Then I cut a length of fuzzy yarn and pushed it down into the jar around the wooden block. I tried to make sure the block was covered with the yarn it gives the appearance of a nest.

nesting added

Next I threw in a handful of star shaped sequins to give it some sparkle.

star spanglesadding spangles

I took some sparkly scrap book paper and cut a bit of a rectangle with it. This then gets placed in the jar for a background.

sparkle scrap book paper

I also had these little star ornaments left over from xmas time so I put the string against the threads of the jar and twisted on the lid.

star dangle

Then to embellish the top of the jar I first take apart the fake flower and glue it one layer at a time to the lid of the jar, finish it off by gluing a button or flat marble to the middle of the flower to hold it all down (you could also use a button or anything with a flat side)

silk flower silk flower taken apartflower all glued down

If you need to (like I did) wrap a piece of ribbon around the lid of the jar to cover up any writing and there you go!

all done!

(The little fairy in the tub beside the fairy jar is an embellished photo of my youngest daughter. I added the wings and glued her to a wooden block.)

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  1. Launi

    This is the cutest thing I've EVER seen! I want to make a hundred of them! Thanks so much for sharing this.

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