rainy day

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rainy day

My hands are tingling. I just finished dying some play silks. I had visions of the freshly dyed silks drying on the clothes line and fluttering in the breeze as I stepped outside, clothes pins in hand, and starting pining the first (and largest) silk onto the line I noticed that the picnic table had water droplets on it. I leaned over the porch railing and held out my hand, small warm droplets. Dang.

So they are in the basement laying on the drying rack. The big one is in the dyer, on low heat, hopefully it'll be okay.

They took the dye nicely. I used food coloring with a splash of vinegar and dyed them using the microwave method that I use to dye yarn. The kids are not impressed as of yet, since when they are wet the silks are nearly see-through and almost not there. I think the largest silk looks the nicest, it's light light blue and is exactly how I envisioned it turning out. Hopefully it won't look too white once it's dry but I think it's alright.

I'm thinking about getting a couple more blanks to dye for xmas but I'm not sure that my friends would like these for their children. I'm anticipating the question "what do they do with them?".

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