Kickin' it old skool

Posted by J on Monday, December 6, 2010. Filed under: , ,

I've actually never made these before I must have gotten the wrong type of applesauce cause these took a heck of a lot more cinnamon that I thought it would. I'm very happy with them though. I painted them with white paint so they would look like they were frosted cookies. I had the idea to make food ornaments to decorate a tree in the kitchen.

When we happened to get a Rosemary tree I was super excited since it went with my theme. So I dried out some thinly sliced orange slices in the oven over night and hung those along with the apple sauce ornaments on the rosemary tree. I still had a little bit of the brown ribbon left over (that I also used on the popcorn wreath) and tied that on the top. I'm sorta in love with it, and it smells really good!

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