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There's a lot I need to do but not much that I've been doing.

Actually, that's not true. I have been doing a lot, just not a lot of blogging. I have a couple new recipes that are ready to be shared, with photos, my laptop broke (the one with the SD slot to upload said pictures) the LCD screen failed so it's now hooked up to a monitor in my bedroom. Do you want to know how often I get the chance to go into my bedroom to get online? Yeah. 

Just this week my 2-year-old has decided her new bedtime is 11PM, which is when I have to go to bed or be a zombie in the morning. On top of that it's finals week and my husband is working over time at the university covering finals. He's also starting back to grad school in a few weeks. So we've been busy.

In Crohn's related news, I've been successfully eating raw veg for the last couple of weeks with no ill effects. You have no idea how happy this makes me! I've also added grape juice (which is legal early on in the diet but I always had problems with) with no problems. I'm mixing it with water or seltzer diluting it by 50%. Loving it. I've also started eating strawberries, yes with those tiny little seeds, and have started to add orange juice. I'm doing well. I'm so pleased! 

I had a busy and highly stressful month in April and I'm hoping that May will be calmer. I'm going to make time, hopefully this weekend (probably on Sunday) to do some proper updates, upload some pictures, and type up those new recipes. Finals are over on Saturday so things should be "back to normal" or as close as they can be soon.

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