This is Halloween..

Posted by J on Monday, October 31, 2011. Filed under: ,

I snapped this picture then two days later we had four inches of snow.

My kids are out trick or treating with their dad, I'm sick with a cold that has decided to settle into my throat. I sound like a witch, very fitting for tonight!

I just have had a bubble bath and now I'm going to go make some soup and settle down on the couch and watch some episodes of The Haunted, something I'm not allowed to watch when the kids are awake. Since the TV is usually occupied this time of year by my dear husband (football) I'll settle for anything I can get. We'll probalby get three trick or treaters. I really want to eat a peanut butter cup, but I won't, don't want to fall into that trap. I don't want to get cocky since I've been feeling so well Crohn's wise and mess everything up!

Happy Halloween I hope your night is frightfully wonderful!

Tomorrow is November, and I will start to flip out about Christmas. Ta!

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