Posted by J on Wednesday, August 19, 2009.

Today I had plans to let the kids have at the Fimo, however, it's been here that I didn't want to turn on the oven. So instead we played the wii....all day. Well the kids played the Wii and I watched/changed diapers/got drinks as requested. It was a fun day. We're expecting more rain tomorrow and Friday the weekend is supposed to be clear but we'll see. I hope that I'll be able to hang the wash out on the line at some point this week.

Fireside afghan WIP

Anyway, I got another square done today. Now I'm up to four out of the 20 I need to make.

Fireside afghan WIP

I also got the yarn I ordered to do the Christmas stockings today, so I think I'm all set with knitting for a while. I think I'm going to knit two more squares for the afghan, then I will have knit one of each pattern, put that aside and knit a stocking, repeat until everything is done. I'm also already thinking about how I'm going to back the afghan, like I really think I'm going to finish it! I'm not terribly good with follow through, I'm hoping by documenting my progress that I'll actually be able to do it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and wearing my wrist braces at night (at least for most of the night, the braces freak the baby out).

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