Posted by J on Monday, August 24, 2009.

While I don’t think that having children should be an excuse for a dirty house there is a difference between dirty and lived in. My children live in every room of this house. There are toys everywhere, if we ever move it’s going to be a task to gather all the toys in one place to actually pack them. I have a feeling that toys/games/bits will be found stuffed in every box as we unpack.

There are days when I have everything planned there are days were we all sit down and eat lunch together at 12 o’clock at the kitchen table then there’s a nap for the baby and outside play time for the older ones. We bake, we craft, then there are days like today when we are in survival mode.

My husband is out of town and my 11-month-old missed her daddy and did not sleep last night. Today has consisted of quiet restful play and a lot of DVR’d Blue’s Clues on the TV. I fed them when they were hungry we had a lot of snacks (and some caffeine for me). I sat in the play yard with the baby and built block tower after block tower she helped me put her toys in and out of her toy box. I did no housework today, oh there was laundry sitting in the washer and I should have been hung out on the line but I had no energy do anything but be there in that moment with the children not planning ahead not thinking of anything but meeting their (and my) needs. Change a diaper, get a drink, fill a sippy cup, nurse, and repeat. This is the part of being a mother that I never anticipated, getting no sleep the night before and has to be present, awake. Oh I had plans for today but if I’ve learned anything in eight years I’ve been doing this it’s to be flexible and ride it out. It hasn’t always been easy I put a lot of pressure on myself to have everything be just so and I’m a planner, plain and simple. I always have been. I’m trying to just let go, sometimes it’s nice when life just forces you to.

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