The problem of time

Posted by J on Saturday, November 21, 2009.

I have been told what my "big problem" is I was informed that it is that I'm not assertive enough.

I think my actual "big problem" with wanting to become an actual productive writer that I keep comparing myself to other people, as in I'm comparing my 1st draft to other people's final drafts. How much sense does that make?

I can't make everything come out all shiny and nice on the first try that's just not how it works even for these blog entries I end up rewriting them 2-3 times. Why do I expect less than that when I'm working on a bigger piece? I think the big problem that I'm expecting perfection on the first go round when I know (and I do KNOW this I have a degree in this for crying out loud) that rewriting is the most time consuming part of the actual writing process. I'm pressed for time right now, I mean I have three kids, I don't "have time" to sit on my butt and write and rewrite and rewrite it again but I have to make time to do it.

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