a Snowy Saturday afternoon in April.

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if I don't turn off my laptop, not just shut it and put it down, I'm on it for the whole entire day. I try to wait until the baby is taking her nap (or watching Blue's Clues) before I get online during the day but it's so.dang.hard when all this social networking is calling to me. The worst is my ipod, i carrying around that thing all day long checking my email and facebook obsessively. Right now I'm blogging while making dinner. I have 10 minutes.

I'm currently reading this book. I'm not sure if i like it yet. I downloaded the sample pages on my ipod (again with the ipod!) just after Christmas and loved it but now that I have the full thing in front of me, I don't know if I'm into it. Either than or I was distracted by "Spartacus Blood and Sand" that my husband was watching at the time.

I bought these for the girls (they aren't here yet) because I'm obsessed with the company, Cloud B, and it might actually make them sleep through the night.

The kids still love their Cloud B night lights (Eldest has the sea turtle, and the girls have the lady bug). They are spendy, or I would buy them for every kid I know for xmas. Of course, I don't actually give gifts with any kids other than my own (my kids have no cousins). Someone needs to have some babies.

Since this post is turning into "crap I've bought" here's something I want (so so bad) but don't have an actual use for. Maybe for my brithday when it's okay to buy yourself crap you don't need! Yes it's a bean pot, by Paula Deen. I've always loved Paula and this thing is just so pretty. I have no idea if I would make beans it or whey it's even called a "bean pot" but I like the colors!

By the way, it's snowing here. Yuck.

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