This past week

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We went to the beach.

My youngest daughter went into respitaory distress and was admited to the hopsital. At the beach.

She got out on Monday just in time for her 2nd birthday which was on the 21st.

We had a nice time after all that drama. I don't like to dwell on just how sick she was, she has not be officially diagnosed with anything yet but I'm thinking it's asthma. I have a strong family history of it, and listening to her breath, the sound of her rattling chest, it all just clicked into place for me. We'll see how long the medical establishment takes to get to that point. We are now the owners of a nebulizer, and she has an appointment for her 2 year check up on the 30th. I will also be getting my flu shot that day, and so will she.

She's going to love me, and then I will take her to McDonalds because that's what we do after shots. For babies that is. I am still on a very restricted diet to my Crohn's.

I've been thinking a lot about Christmas lately. I'm not sure that it helps that it's the 25th and that means it's "Christmas in September" on QVC and they keep saying that it's only 3 months until xmas which is enough to put my into a panic. I have done some shopping a already but I'm not near done, and I don't even want to talk about all the knitting I should probably be doing right now. So much to do. I need to prioritize because I'm never going to get it all done at this rate.

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