A trip to the ER

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On Monday we had to take Baby Girl to the ER. She was breathing very rapidly and with her stomach muscles, which completely freaked me out. She wasn't turning colors, but I didn't want to take the chance. She screamed through her entire examination (which is a good thing) and she was diagnosed with bronchitis. We were given an antibotic, and an albuterol treatment and sent home. We got there about 11:30PM and we didn't get back home until 2AM. Sent hubby to bed, and fully expected Baby Girl to fall asleep shortly after.

Not the case.

She was feeling a lot better and the albuterol made her hyper. She was literally running around in circles until 5:30 in the morning. Ugh. I laid down on the couch and after she ran a couple more laps and dumped an entire bowl of M&M's on the floor she laid down and fell asleep. She got up at 7AM when the older kiddos came down for school. Needless to say Mama was dragging all day long, Baby Girl was fine though. Go figure, kids bounce back so fast.

I'm so thankful that she's okay. Thank God for that.

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