sick and sick also

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I'm so tired of feeling sick all the time. I'm tired of feeling nauseous, being tired all the time, and feeling like there is a brick in my stomach. I'm starting a food log today to try to track my symptoms. I'm pretty sure this is still a milk issue but who knows. I need to get some will power or something because for 2-3 days after eating pizza I'm just not feeling right.

I was planning on going to get some coconut milk yogurt this morning but I chose to sleep instead. I can get it later.

The baby is still in bed since big sister (aka the alarm clock) is camping with her brother and dad. I'm going down to the lake to meet up with them around 10 then Eldest has a birthday party to go to this afternoon. Maybe I'll run to town then to get the yogurt or maybe I'll just take a nap, haven't decided yet. I think the fresh air and freezing lake water will be good for me just have to remember the sunscreen.

There I've just eaten a banana and am about to drink my tea so there you go, first foods of the day. We'll see how this shapes up.

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