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Every time I go to log into blogger I feel like I have something to say, and then I get to this screen and I just can't really put my thoughts together and I end up with an entry that's all disjointed. Now if you could crawl inside my head and see the great blog entries I compose right before I'm about to fall asleep and am too tired to get up and actually blog then you'd be impressed.

Today we saw Toy Story 3. It was okay, the kids enjoyed it and there were some funny parts but it wasn't my favorite. Granted we will still have to buy it when it comes out on DVD but I'm not anxious to watch it again.

Then after the kids were in bed we watched Avatar which we (the adults) liked fairly well. The story was predictable but what really hasn't been lately? I think the only movie that I've seen recently that has made me go "Wow..." was District 9. Now that was a good movie.

In knitting news I've restarted Eldest's xmas blanket again. I keep starting and then end up hating the pattern I'm using. So I'm on the third one, I'm still not sure of it. We'll see how it works up. If I hate it I'll frog it. I started early enough that I have the option to do that, makes me feel like I'm industrious and a good planner. Neither of these things are true, we'll see if I make it through my "to be knitted" list by Dec. <- See what I just did there? Hello negative thinking! I need to work on that.

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