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Yesterday I had a GI appointment. I weigh 113lbs. I was warned not to lose any more weight. My GI is also the one who suggested that I might be dealing with some depression symptoms that could be affecting my appetite (I am eating but since I'm not very hungry, I'm not eating enough.) since my Crohn's is seriously under control (yay for being under control!). She spent an hour with me and got me in to see another doctor about my depression issues asap, she even stood there and made the appointment for me.

While I was waiting for the secretary to process my co-payment and paperwork she leaned down to me and said, "You know you're going to be okay". I cried (cause that's what I've been doing lately) but that's exactly what I've been waiting to hear from someone, anyone, other than myself for so long now. I just feel like maybe this time, everything will be okay. It's a comfort at least.

I go back to see her in July, for my one-year-Crohn's-iversary. Well not really I guess, I wasn't officially diagnosed until August 4 2010 but July 21 (the date of my appointment) was the day I was released from the hospital and I had it in mind then that Crohn's was what I was dealing with, so I'm going to go with that date!

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