Posted by J on Thursday, April 21, 2011.

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I like peeps, not to eat, I think they're gross (i don't like sugar coated anything, it's too grainy, and I can't have sugar now anyway) but I like the way they look. They scream Easter to me, probably because of the marketing but I love them anyway. I have a couple of stuffed ones from years past but the sugar colored ones are just so sparkly and fun.

So I cut the center out of a paper plate, and hot glued the peeps all around it then shoved the extras in between the two rows. I love it. The ribbon is from my ribbon stash (I save ribbon, horde it more like it).

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  1. The Martha Complex


    They are my favorite! I could seriously eat an entire box in one setting.

    Cute craft idea... I could never do it though, I would eat 'em before they are glued on.

  2. Anonymous

    I don't like the grainy texture of the sugar either.
    Plus they also taste like food coloring to me, which isn't really that great.
    I'm like you, I love how they look, but not really super into the taste.
    They have a really good marshmallow heart for Valentine's Day though. It does not have the gross sugar coating. It's just plain vanilla flavored marshmallow in the shape of a heart. So good.

    I love your wreath! I meant to say that before. I think it's super creative and cute.

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