so I'm sick, actually sick

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... at least sicker than I thought. I'm on antibiotics because my left tonsil has been swollen now since April. Yes April. I had the PA look at it last time I was in for a med check and she said it was fine, apparently the doctor said it's gone too long and he wants to try to get the swelling down since it has been bothering me.
There is fluid in my ears (knew that) and my voice is still not all the way back. The nurse asked me if I was a smoker. Ha!

So now I'm worried that my Crohn's is going to flare since I'm on antibiotics and my gut flora is going to be all screwed up. I'm on a liquid/soft food diet for the next five days until I'm done with the antibiotics then I have to reintroduce foods and see what happens. I really wanted to eat a pickle tonight, but I didn't, can't have the seeds, or skin, or anything crunchy. I had a smoothie instead and scrambled eggs for dinner. Tomorrow I'm going to make chicken soup and drink broth all day. All I have is frozen chicken but it's just going to have to do I don't feel like going to the store, but maybe I will tomorrow? I hope so.

So it's November. I'm not done Christmas shopping or crafting. My kids made their lists just the other night. My littlest only asked for one thing and of course it's the most stupid expensive creepy baby doll on the market right now.
 I don't know if you've seen the commercial for this doll but her mouth lights up green and her knee glows when she has a "boo boo". Creepy. I ordered it from Kohls and paid 52.00. She retails for 75! If I find it cheaper on amazon or something I'll just return the Kohl's doll, but at least I have it now. I don't want to be stressing about buying a creepy baby doll later on.

Eldest wants the Skylanders game. We already bought the stealth elf figure (he also requested) the game itself is 70 bucks, apparently it's worth it but he better freaking LOVE the game seriously. I haven't ordered it yet, I'm waiting for some of my swagbucks amazon gift cards to show up then I'll be able to get it for 40, which is much easier to swallow.

Middle Girlie is already done. She asked for this Hello Kitty megablocks set and this little castle.

I also bought them a bunch of things that I refer to as "things they didn't know they wanted" books, craft kits, candy, you know fun things. I actually want to just get started wrapping everything but I'm going to wait until December.

Also in December Eldest turns 10. 10. Seriously, double digits.

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