dust, cob webs, and 101

Posted by J on Friday, October 16, 2009.

As I was dusting this morning with my pledge anywhere spray (I love it, I think it smells good) I was thinking that maybe I shouldn’t. I think maybe if I didn’t dust for the entire month of October it would give my Halloween decor an air of authenticity, you know all the dust and cob webs in the haunted house. I really like how the shelves turned out this year Middle Girlie decided she was afraid of everything Halloween related this year so she helped me go through all the boxes and sort the decorations all the “scary stuff” will be set up outside all the okay stuff stayed in here. I also am proud to report that I only bought two new decorations and they were both under twenty bucks (go me).

new decoration #1my other new decoration
Not that we’ll be decorating much outside anyway since there is currently two inches of snow on the ground and still coming *ahem*
Still snowing - oct 2009

I was also thinking about my 101 list, it’s hard to come up with 101 things at one time at the rate I’m going I’ll have my list done by the time I’m supposed to be completing it. I’m just going to have to get started on the 25ish things I have on it and add to it as I go along. Is that cheating? Is that even okay? I’m also afraid that I’ll end up in The Guinness book of World Records for longest-hair-ever due to the fact that it looks like I’m never going to buy a house or get my kids to Disney World especially not in the next three or so years. Believe it or not I’m laughing about this, because it just seems so impossible and far away which is not the right attitude to have at all. I did decide on the piece of furniture I’m going to refinish (this is already on the list) I’ll post more about that later. I should probably also go ahead and post my list since I keep talking about it doing that will make the commitment real.

I also had a passing thought that I could order a Kaya doll and pass her off as a decoration for harvest time. I don’t know if hubs will buy that…

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