Mom's bag - a Christmas gift knititng recap

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Before felting, yes that is a 2 liter bottle of soda on the floor beside it. It. was. huge. I was so worried about it not felting down to where I wanted it.

sophie bag

and after

sophie bag


I then went ahead and lined it and added a zipper! A zipper! Can you believe it? I still sort of can't. Sometime I will go ahead and steal it back from her and take photos of the lining and the zipper. Mom only likes purses that have a "flat bottom" and be able to sit on it's own so I went ahead and googled and googled some more until I finally came across this tutorial which I bookmarked and came back to several times throughout my process. The idea of using fun foam to line the bottom was genius and since i had several pieces of that laying around would out super well for me.

I literally finished sewing the lining in on Christmas Eve which is totally not my MO but I was so so scared to do it I just kept putting it off. That was silly and I don't intend on doing that again. Last minute things stress me out.

She had no idea that I had made it at all and was super impressed and that gave me warm fuzzies. <3 This was the only gift I knitted this Christmas (besides the stockings which weren't really gifts per-say).

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