Thoughts on Julie & Julia

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Watching Julie & Julia I was struck by Julie's character talking about needing a deadline because she "never finishes anything" and I was gobsmacked because I am the same exact way.

I watched the movie four times in a row. I loved it. I loved the chracter of Julie Powell so naturally I took it upon myself to look up her orginal blog and oh my I was so dissapointed. The overuse of profanity really threw me off. I swear? Of course I do (though it is something I am working on). It completely distracts me to read it and that was my entire problem I had with the blog. The swearing was too much and I quickly moved on. I will stick with the movie.

Although now I really do want to read Julia Child's My Life In France now. I downloaded the sample chapters via the kindle app on my ipod and just fell in love with her voice. It's very good, I just wish I could find a hard-copy that didn't have pictures from the movie in it. I would just download it but I think my mom would like to read it too and I don't think she's going to be squinting at my ipod to do so.

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