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Time has gotten away from me. I look at the stats and it says I haven't blogged since Dec 8. Dec 8! That seems so long ago. Really, i know it isn't but December always seems like such a long month to me.

It's so quiet here. The kids are visiting their father's family. I'm home sick and though I'm appreciating the quiet so I can rest I miss them and they've only been gone since 10AM!

Christmas went well. The kids enjoyed their gifts (as far as I could tell) and I managed to finish all the stockings they didn't rip after they were filled either which was my husband concern (I wish I knew if he were kidding or not when he said that...) and I managed to finish my mother's felted bag, even line it, the linining included three pocks, and the whole thing closes with a zipper! I'm so impessed with myself.

stockings, knit are hung!

More later. Maybe. If I'm up to it.

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  1. knittingdragonflies

    I'm so glad to have helped with the bag lining idea! I love your photo of the staircase and stockings!
    Happy Holidays!

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