so this isn't working out as I intended

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It always seems like I'm making plans and while I'm busy doing that..well you know how it goes. Make plan then be prepared for it not to work out or something.

Anyway, now that NanoWrimo is done is full speed ahead to Christmas! I would be thrilled if I had everything ready for it. No I still need to do what the rest of the mama's of the world need to do. Wrap gift, bake, and decorate. We just decorated the tree tonight and I think I'm done Christmas shopping though it always seems like when I throw up my arms and declare "I'm DONE" I always think of another person I need to shop for and right now is no exception. Dang, I just thought of two people while I was writing this. I swear I would be lost without my google docs list that I've been updating since October I believe. It's going to be so strange to start a Christmas '10 list in a couple of months. Wow. 2010. That's insane.

I guess I should be thinking about my New Years Resolutions while I'm knitting/sewing/baking away trying to meet the xmas deadlines but I'm sort of over that whole thing. I just see it as setting myself up for failure in that department cause I never ever have kept any of my resolutions I prefer the 101 list because that's something i can do just do and check off a list of events as it were it makes it much more palatable to me.

I'm still writing for ehow and I've made a total of 0.64, I've published 5 articles. I just can't think of anything to write about half the time! I keep reading on other blogs that some people (apparently everyone else) post 3 articles a day! How do they think of what to actually write an article about? Whenever I think of one I get ridicules proud of myself for all of an hour when I realize that I'm going to have to write another and soon because I'm never going to make any good money off of this when I don't have a fresh idea in my head to save my life! It's frustrating to be me, but, I'm going to keep at it. 64 cents is better than what I was currently making, which was nothing (I actually contend that I make negative money since all I seem to do is spend it, mostly on diapers).

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