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I'm so tired! I have no been getting enough sleep, it's my own fault, I've been staying up late reading. The other night I was up until 3:30AM I just could not put my book down!

I finished How to Knit a Love Song early Sunday morning. It had a couple of sex scenes, those usually make me very uncomfortable because I'm some sort of prude in my old age but the story was very good and it involved knitting.

I was skeptical about the book because I could not figure out how the author was going to intertwine knitting and the story beyond "she sat knitting" which there was a lot of, but the entire story evolved out of knitting. I don't want to give it all away but it was very interesting how she did it and it didn't seem forced at all.

I liked it, but I don't think I will share it with my mom (she borrows my Nook when she does her 9 hour IVIg treatments every month).

Honestly, I think she'd like the story but the fact that there are some steamy scenes in it, well it embarrasses me to recommend it to her! I'll stick to the Amish books she enjoys for her monthly treatments.

Oh I just noticed the author has another book out! I'm going to check it out by downloading a sample (how cool is that?).

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