Eat, Pray, Love

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I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love. It's only like 350 pages but I'm taking it slow. Initially I downloaded it to my ipod but I went ahead and bought it. I think my mom might want to read it.

I sort of hated the first section when she was in Italy but right now she's in India and I'm completely engrossed. I'm actually using my handy sticky tabs to highlight certain phrases I'd like to return to. I'll probably be a huge nerd and write them down other places. So, so far so good, I think, at least the middle part. I'm very interested in the idea of meditation now due to her descriptions of it.

Here's one of my favorite parts (so far):
"I'm tired of being a skeptic, I'm irritated by spiritual prudence and I feel bored and parched by empirical debate. I don't want to hear it anymore. I couldn't care less about evidence and proof and assurances. I just want God. I want God inside me. I want God to play in my bloodstream the way sunlight amuses itself on water" - from Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

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