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My favorite thing to do in spring is rearrange the furniture. This was especially exciting for me this year because we recently (two days ago) moved the baby into her older sister's room that they are now sharing.

Yesterday while the baby napped I moved around all the furniture. I managed to do all the major moving within 30 minutes then I cleaned myself up and took the kids to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. Eldest didn't participate cause he's old and over it, and the baby was terrified, but my Middle Girlie loves the bunny and gets her picture taken with him every year.

So I wasn't home when hubby got home from work and I figured he hadn't seen the room because he didn't call me freaking out. I had to suggest that he go upstairs and check it out and he sort of flipped because I had lifted this big giant tv by myself.

Me: "I didn't drop it!"
Him: "You could have hurt yourself, that's too big for you to lift"
Me: "I lifted with my legs!"

Anyway, we have so much room now. Obviously the room hadn't gotten any bigger but I guess I forgot how big the room actually is and I must have done some awesome sort of feng shui with out knowing it because I slept really well last night. Or it could have been that I've been so busy this week with kid-stuff and me-stuff that I'm just actually tired. Either way I don't care, it's lovely to be able to sleep.

Today my legs hurt and when I woke up I didn't really know why until I remembered, oh yeah I moved all the furniture around. Next up is my sewing room in the basement, it's a wreck.

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