ho hum

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Every time I think of shopping and go to my normal shopping sites (like amazon) I just feel a mixture of nauseousness and dread. I think this is a good thing!!

I'm going to the doctor on Thursday in the next town over which means I'll be doing my food shopping over there, at the grocery store right next Target, which is like quicksand to me. I'm taking a list, I do need Target-things (baby wipes, oldest needs some clothes since he keeps growing). But I'm nervous honestly. I've given myself a 50 dollar budget for valentine's day I'd like to do something fancy for my kids this year ala pottery barn kids but way cheaper.

I'm still super bummed about the whole we're-not-moving this year thing. I mean it's one thing to realize in like October that your goals for the year are not going to work out but to figure it out in January? Not cool. I feel like crap, and I don't feel like working on my novel today or those two other stories (now three since I sort of started another one last night). I have lots of excuses, none of them good, I need to just do it. At least work through putting this stuff in order, rewriting is a daunting task.

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